Quebec (Canada)


Quebec (Canada)


The French sailor Jacques Cartier landed on the Peninsula Gaspé in 1534 and he claimed the territory in the name of France and named it Canada
Traveling there several times later, he established the City of Québec as a capital of the first province of New France
The province of Québec is the cradle of the French speakers in North America where a strong majority of the population speak French (approximately 78%) and a low minority speak English.

Also it has one impressive cultural structure with theater companies, drama festivals and around 100 musical groups.



Montréal is the economic and cultural center of the province.
It is a very popular tourist destination, not only thanks to its natural wealth but also to many activities offered such as festivals and artistic events, a lot of relaxation spaces such as parks, swimming pools and all sport facilities.
It is ideal for night out given that every taste and nationality will find in Montréal what they like.

Montréal is the most French-speaking big city in America and the second most city of Canada where near a half of the population of Québec is living. Montréal has a big world reputation.



Québec remains the main center of the French culture and the siege of the only French-speaking government of North America.
In spite of the apparence of new modern constructions, there is a cultural homogeneity given that they preserved vestiges and traditions.



Laval is the second important city in Québec.
It is an island-city separated from the ”Île de Montréal” by the ”Rivière des Prairies” and from the mainland to the north by the ”Rivière Mille Îles”.



Gatineau is the fifth most big city of Québec and the largest part of the population are French-speaking and Catholics.



Sherbrooke is a city built in the confluence of rivers Magog and Saint François, who ofers to the inhabitants many summer and wintry activities thanks to the numerous green spaces to the lake situated in full city as well as to its skiable mountain.

The cultural life is very lively thanks to artists’ large number who come to work there as well as the university, the symphony orchestra and also several theater companies.



Trois-Rivières was founded in 1634 by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain.
It lies between Montréal and Québec cities and is one of the oldest settlements in Canada.
The Old Trois-Rivières has constructions dating from the French Regime.
The city is in the cultural center of the Mauricie having theaters, art galleries, cultural center, municipal library, and several museums.