Morocco (Africa)


Morocco (Africa)


Morocco is a unique country that if you do not bother to learn about it can not imagine how wonderful, is this country.
It is the country of colors and contrasts, a crossroads of cultures that meet a perfect blend of the past with the present.
Its position in the world classification is very high and it is considered  as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world (2013 CNN).

The political system of Morocco is a constitutional monarchy and the official language is Arabic, but French is the working language and it is taught at all levels of education.
Almost all of the population is Muslim. Morocco was a French colony until 1956 when it became independent and then passed through many difficulties until he entered the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and it suffered a great social and economic crisis.
In 2013 Morocco participated in the Arab Spring with popular demonstrations which led to a new constitution and to the proclamation of the elections gained by the Islamists.
It’s important that in Morocco a law on gender equality was voted. 


The capital is Rabat, the elegant town enclosed by walls in yellow, red and orange.
It is a modern city that retains its authenticity, political and administrative center of Morocco and has all the infrastructure to be able to offer royal stay to tourists.
The city is crossed by the river Bouregreg, on the banks of which we can walk, eat and relax.
Finally, the city was declared first green city at the world level in 2010, on the occasion of the celebration of the Earth Day.


Marrakech is a city full of palm trees and date palms which allies its glorious past with a dynamic present. It has the biggest market of the Arab world, the Jemaa El Fna with fakirs, jongleur, wizards in countless events.
In Marrakech you will also see the unique riads (meaning garden in Arabic). They are houses near the road but the organisation of life is made in the internal part.
It is one of the symbols of a particular lifestyle that we meet in Morocco.


The imperial city of Fes is an entire museum which could be compared with Venice, Florence and Athens.
It is the artistic and cultural center of Morocco and the medina (we call the medina traditional Arabic city) has been included in the World Heritage of Unesco.
It is the crossroads of musical cultures.



Tangiers  is is a real paradise. The city is situated between mountains and seas. It is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and the sky is always blue. 

The painter Henri Matisse nicknamed Tangiers ” the paradise of the painter ” whereas Delacroix said that the tourists in Tangier were afraid of forgetting nothing to see of all this beauty.
It is a dream city and when you leave, you think that it was simply a dream.It is a city which attracts artists who, full of inspiration, create their works there.


Casablanca is the economic center of Morocco, it is a dynamic city which lives in frenzied pace.
It is also a city that inspires artists, because it includes the country’s history.

In Casablanca we can find all the traditional products of Morocco, but also all named European brands.


Meknes is a fabulous town and the medina is included in the world cultural heritage.
The wealth of architectural masterpiece is looked for by any history enthusiast.

Morocco is a country that leaves the visitor speechless because he has exotic vegetation, artificial rivers, lakes, canyons, waterfalls, plains, mountains, desert, also shows type a thousand and one nights, even rides on flying carpets ….
It has palaces, mosques, museums, cultural and sporting events, music festivals, finally it has of everything!


Gastronomy in Morocco is very special.
You can taste the couscous, which vary according to the season and the area, but also authentic dishes like tajine of meat, poultry or fish cooked in clay covered, called tajine. You can also taste pastilla, with sugar icing and cinnamon, a food with many spices, especially cumin, where instead of vegetables they use fruits, you can taste also sweets with dates and almonds, pancakes with honey and sesame, mint tea and much more.

The information is from the official Moroccan tourism site: in English, French and other languages.
In the chapter ”songs of the site you can see and listen to the song of the Moroccan singer Malek, ”À Tanger”.