French Polynesia (Oceania)


French Polynesia (Oceania)


The Polynesia was unknown to Europeans until the great navigators discovered it, during the exploration of other continents.
The Polynesia was claimed by English as well as by French. French finally prevailed and in 19th century, the Polynesia became a French protectorate.
Since 1959, the French Polynesia was named a France overseas territory and in 1970 the development of tourism began with the construction of the first hotel in Bora-Bora.
The islands of Polynesia are beautiful.
There, we can really travel from island to island, stay in bungalow built with traditional techniques of the inhabitants and enjoy not only all water sports, but also the green tourism.
Brooks, tall waterfalls, green valleys, magnificent beaches, shopping, nightlife.
The Polynesia consists of five archipelagos: Société, Tuamotu, Marquises, Australes and Gambier.

Tahiti is situated in the  Société archipelago where the international airport is located where from leave the flights towards all other islands.
In the Tuamotu archipelago there are many atolls, coral islands that ring-shaped enclosing a lagoon and do idyllic diving.
If somebody wants to move of Tahiti in the archipelago of the Marquesas Islands, he needs four hours by plane because the area of the islands of Polynesia is almost as much as the area of Europe.
The great French painter Paul Gauguin lived in the Marquesas Islands until the end of his life with the singer Jacques Brel. French Polynesia comprises 118 islands scattered in over 4,167 square kilometres and 245,000 inhabitants in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.
The capital is Papeete with 30,000 inhabitants.

In Papeete there are beautiful white sand beaches at the bottom of which colorful fish live on vast gardens corals.
The islands are full of fragrant vanilla, pineapple, coconuts,  bananas, mango, grapefruit, papayas, bitter oranges.
Everywhere there are trees, flowers like hibiscus and bougainvilleas and we hear everywhere lovely sounds of countless birds.
The traditions of the inhabitants (Maohi) expressed in songs, and they dance to the sounds of the ukulele with ropes in the shape of guitar.
The residents are very hospitable and welcome tourists with necklace of flowers and farewell with necklaces of shells.
The main work of the residents is the shellfish farming as well as  the export of expensive black pearls.
The kitchen in the islands of Polynesia include many  fish, shellfish, fruits and vegetables.

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